CRMA - Oysters and Shimp !!

April 12th … 6 to 9ish … Warbler lane, right here on Big Pine Key!

Kiki’s Sandbar and Grille hosts our CRMA Appreciation Block Party. If you have a CRMA shirt … or tattoo … its free! Yes Free! Fresh shrimp and oysters, grilled or raw and sides. Don’t have one? Well, then buy one there or here on our web site. With that shirt purchase, you’re gobbling seafood for free! We will definitely sell out of shirts and have to take orders to ship, but you still get one and get in.

Appreciating the more than 2,400 of you who have helped us, we wanted to spend some time on land shaking hands and providing some precious time and appreciation for you. Come meet your neighbors, friends, snowbirds, and others like you who care and are all a part of the CRMA. It’s open to the public, and is to cause a traffic mess, but it’s what we do. Share the event if you can. We love new connections.

You have done so much for the Florida Keys. Over 11,000 hours and nearly 130 tons of garbage removed by hand from a kayak out of the water. Come meet staff, sponsors, officials and others that are all part of the CRMA. Shall we say BYOB? … yep but be responsible. The grills are getting lit, and Kikis Sandbar and Grille is ready to roll on site!

So, how do you RSVP? Well, either go and buy a shirt from our store (which gets you in for free), or fill in the form below. Just that easy.