CRMA - About You


So.  You want to help.  What can you expect?

Well, that depends on what you want to do.  As our name implies, we mostly do marine habitat restoration.  You know, water.  As in, we jump into kayaks and canoes and paddle into where stuff shouldn’t be, and is.  It’s muddy.  Stinky.  Even disgusting.  Extremely tiring and hot.  And you’ll have the time of your life.  Because it’s also fun.  The people make it so.

Don’t think you’re kayak-capable?  We need shore folks too!  To offload what we haul back.  To offer food and water.  To just cheer folks on.  There is a job for you here, no matter what your physical fitness level or abilities.

We do request that you sign a waiver the first time you come out.  Legal formalities.  And we encourage … actually strongly encourage you to stay within your limits.  There are no grunting heroes here who expect you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  We are very safety-conscious.  Almost to a fault.

You ready?  Well, first step is to read up on the essentials you will need to know and have.  Then visit our Facebook page, introduce yourself, find an upcoming event, and come on out!  Can’t wait to meet you!