Conch Republic Marine Army


Hurricane Irma impacted the Florida Keys on September 10th, 2017 … in more ways than one.  Yes, many lives ended.  Homes were destroyed.  And we were left with devastation of almost unimaginable proportions.

But … !

We are also known as The Conch Republic.  And Conch’s have a special kind of unrelenting drive.  And optimism.  We do not back down, nor do we quit.  When we see neighbors who need assistance, we help.  Unconditionally.  When we see a need, we volunteer.  And so an army was created.  An army of people, both from within the Republic and outside our borders, who have come together to restore what Irma took away, and to make everyone’s lives better.

No one in the CRMA is in this for the money.  Or for fame.  We get dirty beyond imagination, then wash off and come back for more.  Because someone else needs us.  And we help.

Please visit us on Facebook and follow along.  Join our events.  Toss in what you can to help.  Or just offer encouragement.  We thank you, and the Conch Republic thanks you.